Innovation Showcase: Kal Tire

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group has been a pioneer in applying AI technology to enable mining site operators and technicians to better plan tire maintenance and identify more ways to improve uptime and safety for mining equipment. The Infor cloud technology platform – including Infor Operating Service (OS), and Infor Coleman Machine Learning (ML) – allows Kal Tire to solve business problems concerning tire fitment planning, asset and human safety, and costly visual inspections that would otherwise lead to excessive downtime.

Kal Tire anticipates that these Infor technology solutions will ultimately optimize fleet availability and lower costs:

  • Expected 20% reduced downtime decreases costs and improves truck productivity and tire utilization.
  • More effective detecting of issues or damages improves safety for both human and capital assets.
  • Increases in tire lifespan, vehicle lifespan, and uptime metrics.

Watch the video to see how Kal Tire uses connected Infor technologies to generate insights for their proactive and predictive solutions.