Web Configuration Console – LPL Version Analysis

By Delmar Dehn, Senior Product Manager

Infor Configuration Console for the web (aka Web Configuration Console) is now available! Web Configuration Console is a powerful tool to configure and extend any Infor Landmark technology platform-based application. For example, Web Configuration Console can be used to add user defined fields to any Infor Financials & Supply Management application screen, any Infor HR Talent application screen, and any Infor Payroll application screen. Web Configuration Console can also be used to build user defined business classes, which extend the capabilities of any Infor Landmark technology platform-based application. Web Configuration Console changes take effect in near real-time in the production environment without taking the system down. Web Configuration Console operates from within a web browser and introduces many new features and capabilities.

Since Web Configuration Console can be used to configure and extend Infor Landmark technology platform-based applications in so many ways, Infor will be posting here on the Infor Technology Blog a series of Web Configuration Console videos describing and demonstrating the tool’s noteworthy features. The video demonstrations are hosted and narrated by some of Infor’s foremost Web Configuration Console subject matter experts.

The Web Configuration Console video series includes:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Configuration
Part 3: Personalizations
Part 4: Reports
Part 5: Data Area
Part 6: Utilities
Part 7: LPL Viewer
Part 8: Tags & Bundles
Part 9: Snapshots
Part 10: LPL Version Analysis
Part 11: Change Management

In this post’s part 10 video, Tonia Williamson, Senior Principal Learning Consultant, Infor, explores using Web Configuration Console’s change management functionality known as Landmark Pattern Language (LPL) version analysis. She explains that LPL version analysis is a feature to help you manage changes in your Infor Landmark applications so that you can determine if your configuration is still needed or if you need to merge in a new feature. Tonia describes the LPL version analysis features including the analysis view which only includes impacted configurations based on changes made in the Infor Landmark applications’ updates and your configuration. She provides a change management business scenario to use the LPL version analysis feature’s application to application version comparison and application version to configuration comparison capabilities to identify changes. Tonia demonstrates how to make changes or updates to your configurations based on your analysis using the comparison edit inline view and the comparison edit view. Tonia concludes by recommending pertinent Infor Education training courses. Be sure to watch for future Web Configuration Console videos.

If you’d like to learn more about Web Configuration Console or schedule a demonstration, then please contact your Infor Client Account Executive or contact us any time.